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Solution Support


​Due to our business principle is relying on product quality with customer satisfaction, we’re really appreciated to provide customer with the latest innovative solution which can guarantee for the best service performance. We develop our products continuously through high-skilled experienced people from research & development, quality assurance, and customer application suppoort team.




Our people from research & development center can provide not only technical development but also value innovation through the development of new compressor model which can apply to use for other applications rather than  air  conditioning  or  heating  applications.


Ensuring product quality for the best  customer satisfaction, our quality assurance department usually verify for all  process of production from manufacturing of raw materials to finished products. Thus, we can control product  quality over all production process at one’s best.

We can provide solutions for any customer inquiries to guarantee for the best service performance through our customer satisfaction support team. Our people are so proud to respond quickly for  clarifying all matters heartily.


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