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Green Company Project
Green Company Project
Quality & Harmony
SCI Clean Tech

Clean Technology concept is used as an SCI guideline for environmental management. From the concept SCI developed environmental master plan, it is called "SCI Clean Tech" for environmental activities to conform with the concept.


SCI clean tech in 5 dimensions

1.Green Company
Set a policy concerning to environmental activities in order to raise awareness of using natural resources worthily


2.Green People
Educate and promote employees to realize their role of being responsible for environment , natural consumption and to encourage them to avoid harming nature.


3.Green Product
Design and innovate better products for saving resources: High efficient product, Resource mnimization and Environmentally-friendly refrigerant



4.Green Process
Initiate and improve work process for the best efficiency of reducing consumption and environmental impact: Heat pump system, coolant tank combination and ozone system for cooling tower


5.Green Waste
Set the effective system of waste management to dispose of waste and rubbish from any production activities by relying on the right path complying with laws and other appropriate conditions, and set campaigns of waste minimization in the factory: Wastewater treatment system and Trashcans in the factory

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