R-410A Inverter Rotary
Our DC Twin Rotary Compressor is the combination of double technology solution which are 'Twin Mechanism' and 'Inverter Technology'. This unique solution can ensure specifically for the highest smooth performance with quiet compressor operation and high energy saving when compare with other compressor running at the same operating area. Its compact sizes and lightweight are also comfortable for unit with space limitation but need for high compression speed.

Inverter Benefits
Precision temperature Control
: unnoticeable swing in temperature because of its adaptation of capacity to match with any variable conditions automatically.

High efficiency : deliver only the energy needed to satisfy the cooling or heating condition, thereby saving both energy and cash.

Humidity control : enjoy greater comfortable climate with desired level of humidity at a glance.

Compact size and light weight : Owing to the Inverter, motor speed changing, technology, Inverter compressor is more compact size and light weight comparing to other Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology by more than 30%.