R-410A Inverter Scroll Vapor Injection
   SCI Inverter vapor injection compressor can  significantly increase heating capacity and able to operate at low ambient temperature while maintaining a required capacity.

   The result is even more impressive when adopting into heat pumps, Synergizing with the premium inverter technology, the inverter vapor injection compressor reduces energy consumption while boosts up efficiency in a unit drastically, especially at low ambient temperature. Therefore, this compressor is a perfectly fit to heat pump, both air to ar and air to water application.

  Moreover, SCI would like to introduce New D Series scroll compressors (DNK) as the newest series of energy saving R-410A inverter vapor injection compressor which ranges from 1.5 kw to 22 kw under the sophisticated technology of Mitsubishi Electric Group. They can generate high performance and efficiency.  Moreover, they are also compact size with diameter only 130 mm. and light weight only 23 Kg.

    Besides, SCI intelligent 6 kw driver and DNK compressor are perfectly matching designed together. Therefore, it will not only help to control the operation of DNK compressor with full effectiveness but also generate high efficiency. Besides, we have two options of SCI drivers which are liquid cool that can enhance efficiency of heat pump for making hot water, and air cool which has a fan available for use. Both options are already passed standards such as IEC/ EN 61800-5-1 Safety, IEC/ EN 61800-3: C1, IEC/ EN 61000-3-2 and IEC/ EN 60529: IP20.

    By the superior benefits as mentioned above, Inverter Solution DNK with Driver are certainly suitable with variety applications especially for high efficiency heat pump. 

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