R-290 Inverter Scroll
      MITSUBISHI SCROLL COMPRESSOR, Advanced scroll with frame compliant technology, began production in 2002 for packaged air conditioner system. We have been proven more than 20 years in scroll market and become leading scroll compressor manufacturer especially with innovative inverter technology which is bear out by world leading brand in both air-conditioning and heating industry more than decades. Furthermore, our advanced scroll technology especially with inverter system can provide the highest energy efficiency plus optimized energy-saving, emphasize on environmental concern issue, which contribute for large market expansion to all parts of the world continuously.

      It is the state-of-art compressor innovation which is carefully     designed to be superior to other scroll engineering. Under the modern of Mitsubishi Electric, aiming for the energy saving and the reliability of the compressor, the sophisticated Frame Compliance Mechanism is developed. It enhances the compressor efficiency and justifies the thrust force to the suitable level thus reducing the excessive energy and weariness. This creation brings about the most advanced scroll technology which ensures the highest efficient compressor existing in today market place.

R-290 is new alternative refrigerant with lower ODP and GWP than other conventional refrigerant. SCI launches new green scroll compressor for R-290 refrigerant with inverter technology to get the high efficiency in both cooling and heating system. Operating area is also wider than other conventional refrigerant.

Inverter Benefits
Precision temperature Control: unnoticeable swing in temperature because of its adaptation of capacity to match with any variable conditions automatically.

High efficiency: deliver only the energy needed to satisfy the cooling or heating condition, thereby saving both energy and cash.

Humidity control: enjoy greater comfortable climate with desired level of humidity at a glance.

Compact size and light weight: Owing to the Inverter, motor speed changing, technology, Inverter compressor is more compact size and light weight comparing to other Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology by more than 30%.