C-Store Medium Temp
     Convenience store is a small supermarket such as 7-11,family mart, BigC-mini and Lotus express that stock multiple of everyday items such as beverage, fresh food and
ready-to-eat. In order to prevent and maintain fresh products, enormous cooling load is required.
    Nowadays the cooling system is using a fixed speed compressor, which emerges periodically ON-OFF cycles. This phenomena affects to the product temperature control system, which causes the temperature swing. Furthermore, using an Air static defrost method leads to the produce’s temperature swing as well.
     SCI has invented the brand-new product, BLDC INVERTER COMPRESSOR, which has unique properties to precisely provide cabinet temperature by the inverter driver,
without the temperature $uctuations as a fixed speed system. BLDC Inverter compressor only consumes decent energy (RPS) to generate desired cabinet temperature. It also reduces system operation times and energy consumption.

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